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So yeah I'm stuck in Nevada right now with my grandparents. Oh how this reminds me of having to go to Pioneer a few months ago with my mom.... only there's more food and shit I guess. Um. It's. Different. I don't like it much here in Reno honestly..... I mean the air is cleaner, the sky is clearer, everything is... cleaner.. but I don't like it (I like my southern california filth a little tbh don't ask I'm an odd one).As those in the know shall know >v> (I love my grandparents) but they are not alwaaays easy to get along with. So far my grandfather has gone on many a rant about how much he thinks the worlds suckz -which isn't very helpful to someone struggling with major depressive disorder AND is off anti depressants because of reasons. But I have been getting some much needed clothes and BRAS. HALLELUYAH PRAISE THE LORD FUCK ME IN MY ASS I FINALLY HAVE BRAS. yes bra'S. I actually have two. TWO O_O AND THEY FIT. I don't have to squeeze myself into my 34D anymore ;-; also one has lacey shit ;D so ;3 many ;)'s. Lots of ;)'s bc lace pushup bras yissss. 

And aside from that. Uh. I got panties xD (more ;3's kokoooooo >p> omg ) and someee shirts. Like a Nirvana and Vans t shirts and also a skirt that actually looks good on me. And lots of makeup. A ~suggestive~ shirt which a strange man from pakistan has already weirded me out with on fb. And rainbow dash pajama pants xDD THEY WERE ACTUALLY IN THE MENS. TARGET IS ACKNOWLEDGING THIS OH GOD

but. umm. yeah. when I'm back in bako. I'm gunna kiss the ground and never leave and madzzzz please let me see yu when I'm back friday night ok ;-; I miss ur betch azz xD and I swear I'm so goddamned lonely up here its driving me crazeeeeee
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  • Watching: (once everybody sleepz) Attack On Titan
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I'm Tara. You can call me that, or pigeon or pidgee or a few people even know me by Ash XD

I'm 17 years old, I enjoy digital and traditional art, animation, makeup, tattoos, and writing. At this point in my life I have been sick for quite a while so I don't get to draw very much but I hope to be able to create more art in the near future ^^ I'm hoping to pursue a medical career after getting high school over with and I'm sorta just overall really interested in drugs and medical stuff along with the paranormal (which I might sometimes write about lol)

I apologize if I'm not really active here or forget to reply to any comments, I don't mean to come off as rude or anything.

My IRL friends are :iconslim-e: :iconthemustacheartist: :iconjoyheartsyou: :iconkamsorocks:

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:iconslim-e: :iconmetalpuppy100: :iconkamsorocks: :iconreiyoko-chan: :iconthemustacheartist: :iconjak-and-jeevas: :iconarrancarfighter: :iconxvanira-aisukurimux: :iconjoyheartsyou: :iconunknown566: :iconp1x3lzz:


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