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It's official. I'm a hobo. Weeelll maybe not fully. But technically, yes I am now homeless. My mom threw me out over a month ago. Around the hospital GURNEY incident time. But yeah it sucks I keep having seizures and life is kind of shitty but I POWER THROUGH with my strange overly negative sense of messed up humors and skewed positivity. I also steal my sis Mustache's food a lot and obsess of Steven Universe to try and stay happy. Yes I watch Steven Universe as a near full grown woman at my grandparents house to the confusion of everyone around me. I am a strange person. 

Uhhhh anyway. More life shit, I couldn't do workforce anymore so school is just... stagnant. I don't go. lol. I have seizures and they are becoming more and more frequent and they're really starting to get a little spoopy (seriously though, they are kind of terrifying and I don't know how to stop them.) Stress level is not okay. I can't eat a lot of the food my grandparents eat and my grandma can't take me grocery shopping often so food is also a problem. Many problems. 

Buuuut I have sort of! Solutions for thing. Various stuff.. or a life plan I guess you would say. First off the good news is I am 18 in August so then I can go get food stamps so food will no longer be an issue and I can also pay back my sis for all the times I jacked her food. Then I will start seeing a doctor or therapist or whatever for my mental health stuff because the age problem will be out of the way, and hopefully I can get myself some sweet, sweet wellbutrin because holy crap I miss the way wellbutrin made me feel. I can also then try and figure out why the hell I am having seizures and if my suspected heart problems are real. And if all goes smoothly with food stamps and health care stuff, then I can start school again! Online school anyway. I'm sure getting school out of the way will help my situation A LOT. 

But for now I just have to waaittt e_e Just a few more months of stealing food from my poor sister and having seizures. Then I will be able to actually legally go and figure things out for myself. So until then.


AWAAAAYYYYYY ~~~***~~**~~

also this weekend and it's unsaid activities have left me kinda brain fried so sorry for craziness to the non existant people who read this
  • Listening to: the people inside my brain flesh o_o
  • Reading: things about steven universe
  • Watching: steven universe... (I WISH!)
  • Eating: salami and carrots
  • Drinking: lemonade


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hello I am a weird person that makes strange personal art that isn't that good (yet?) and probably doesn't make very much sense to the majority of people viewing it, but it's somehow satisfying to be able to upload stuff. Maybe it makes me feel like I've actually accomplished something?

random personal shxt?
I'm 17, ambivert (intro & extrovert) aromantic as fuck and sexuality is all over the place right now. I'm a mutt and so I have an odd facial structure and I like to draw myself sometimes. I really really really really like Pulp Fiction and Akira and a couple other movies, sometimes I obsess over random shit like FLCL, Cowboy Bebop, Full Metal Alchemist, Adventure Time, Danny Phantom, and some other series I can't think of right now. I like unusual, disturbing animated movies too eue *whispers Felidae is love Felidae is life* I totally don't still play neopets every once in a while......

My IRL friends are :iconslim-e: :iconthemustacheartist: :iconjoyheartsyou: :iconkamsorocks:

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:iconslim-e: :iconmetalpuppy100: :iconkamsorocks: :iconreiyoko-chan: :iconthemustacheartist: :iconjak-and-jeevas: :iconjoyheartsyou: :iconp1x3lzz:


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