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I'm trying to write in this journal thingy more often. and I also plan to attempt and upload some art more.
Well anyway many things have happened. Bad and good.
Thus far I have reached a dead end in my quest for insurance so I can go back to seeing a doctor. I am surviving on seroquel given to me by my relative who also happens to take it. I've gained weight... v.v I don't think it's due to the seroquel honestly though, I think I got a little carried away during the holidays, and I also was pretty sketchy on taking my wellbutrin so the appetite side affects or seroquel kicked in a little bit and made me eat more than I usually do. Thankfully I didn't PIG OUT or anything, I think I gained no more than 10 or so pounds. But that's still enough to make my size 9 skinny jeans not fit anymore, and I'm stuck wearing mostly size 10 and 11s. Oh well I'm trying to take my wellbutrin more regularly and so far Ive had a decrease in appetite, so far no results in weight loss but I'm sure it'll come in time.
Also my auntie is moving away </3 the one person in my family who I have always looked up to and loved and felt more comfortable with than anybody else in my family.  She's moving to some place close to San Francisco, which is far enough away considering I live about an hour away from LA.  Shes moving in with her long lost half sister, who I barely know but have met a couple times in the past few months. I want to stay with them sometime because I'm sick of how depressing my surroundings are here... nothing good ever seems to happen anymore in my personal life.

BUUUT good things have happened too :D me and mads have got to see each other almost every week lately because crapenter seems to feel neutrally about me again instead of having an intense and burning hatred for my very existence. We made friends with some very interesting people~ our eyes have been opened to a lot of amazing things and I can only hope things will continue to get even more incredible and we will learn much more about things. I have also been OBSESSED with Akira ever since adult swim aired it last month eue I've watched the movie several times over since and I hope to read the comics whenever I have some more time. I also got a Kaneda sweater for Christmas from my grandmother~ and I wear it just about every chance I get because its AWESOME XD 
And on a final note I hopefully will be starting going to Sillect, which is a community school. It only lasts till 12:30 so I think I might endure it. It's about time I do something about school, considering I'm on step 6 truancy. I just hope everything turns out alright~
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  • Reading: Saving Ceecee Honeycutt (mads
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I'm Tara. You can call me that, or pigeon or pidgee or a few people even know me by Ash XD

I'm 16 years old and I like all kinds of art and some music and stuff. I have a thing for pigeons, dobermans, and neopets lol. My activity here is pretty scattered sometimes I'll upload art or use the diaries for venting after being inactive for months. I really like tattoos and alternative hair styles and peircings but dont have any (after my nose ring closed up) so I plan to get angel bites. I just got my first tattoo in august of 2013 (link it's a bird :D ) and I might get another one in a few months if I can get some cash.

My IRL friends are :iconslim-e: :iconthemustacheartist: :iconjoyheartsyou: :iconkamsorocks:

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