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Hello my non-existant audience, today at workforce I almost had a seizure. It was really shitty and I narrowly escaped having an ambulance called. I am also now very wary of the counselor who often seems to roam the campus during our deserted workforce hours, and she, in turn, is wary (in a pitying kind of way... that's the worst kind of way you know) of me. I also happened to end up rambling, to a classmate who tried to help me, of my paranoia of mary kay, 3B, CPS, and all those ...wonderful services offered to my poor soul whenever I absolutely positively DO NOT WANT THEM. And I think she was a little bit... concerned. I do not know what awaits me in class tomorrow, but most of all, I fear the pity glare. The pity glare is returning godfuckingdammit, and there's nothing I can do to stop it, to my immense dismay.  Now I am sitting at home, probly going to go see this guy who gave me a ride up the street a while ago when I was real dehydrated and about to pass out... but um. yeah. I've never hung out with him before, and he's older than me, but I am so tired and lonely I don't really care and he seems alright so I'm taking my chances to see if maybe I'll make a new friend. Hopefully I won't get raped. That would be very unpleasant.  Anyway. At this point in time, I am craving mcdonalds coffee milskshakes (THEY ARE NOT FRAPEES THEY ARE COFFEE MOTHERFUCKING MILK SHAKES AND ALWAYS WILL BE) and maybe, maybe hoping, hoping this guy, will buy me one. buy me one so I can orgasm everywhere and put something in my stomach that won't make it hurt as much as solid food will (although, los hermanos or el pollo loco would be incredible right now... despite the pain it would cause...) 

so, off to ADVENTURES in the night of OILDALE~
  • Mood: High
  • Listening to: Sublime~ (in my head anyway eue)
  • Reading: Farewell To Manzanar (thanks mads)
  • Watching: Lucifer swim around in his tank
  • Eating: nothing... but hoping... for things...
  • Drinking: coffee milkshakes... IN MY DREAMS ;___;


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I'm Tara. You can call me that, or pigeon or pidgee or a few people even know me by Ash XD

I'm 17 years old, I enjoy digital and traditional art, animation, makeup, tattoos, and writing. At this point in my life I have been sick for quite a while so I don't get to draw very much but I hope to be able to create more art in the near future ^^ I'm hoping to pursue a medical career after getting high school over with and I'm sorta just overall really interested in drugs and medical stuff along with the paranormal (which I might sometimes write about lol)

I apologize if I'm not really active here or forget to reply to any comments, I don't mean to come off as rude or anything.

My IRL friends are :iconslim-e: :iconthemustacheartist: :iconjoyheartsyou: :iconkamsorocks:

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:iconslim-e: :iconmetalpuppy100: :iconkamsorocks: :iconreiyoko-chan: :iconthemustacheartist: :iconjak-and-jeevas: :iconarrancarfighter: :iconxvanira-aisukurimux: :iconjoyheartsyou: :iconp1x3lzz:


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